In my dream, I was riding with Rog in a car or a bus or something, but at the same time it was like we were watching a movie. As in a lot of dreams, I am not sure. We were with some other people; I'm not sure who.

We watched as cities and landscapes became visible and then looked on in horror as they either blew up or burned or slid away. Then way in the distance we saw a new city and were amazed to see the sky brightening and looking like a brilliant sunrise. Then we heard "Jerusalem" music playing and the sound of a woman singing beautifully. We saw the city closer and closer though we were still in our vehicle. It was no longer like a movie. I knew without a doubt that it was heaven, and that the earth was gone.

Then everything changed and Roger and I were in this building that was kind of like an airport or bus terminal. There were a moderate amount of people in there but I don't remember in the dream whether everyone was going in the same direction. Then Roger and I were directed to this area with red arrows and knew we were supposed to go that way. We entered a tunnel-like area and then it turned to an elevator. We were holding hands and going together. It was just us two.

I entered the elevator or whatever it was, and when I got in I was alone. Then I was in a restaurant with a lot of people in there; someone told me it was the holding center. I then became alarmed because I could not find Roger. I was talking to several other people there and we were eating. I was astonished to see someone smoking in there. I thought we were supposed to already be in heaven, and we'd have no vices or faults, but then someone explained to me again that we weren't there yet, but were in the "holding place."

Then I said, "but I don't believe in purgatory; I'm not Catholic anymore." Then they said it wasn't purgatory, it was just a place where you temporarily wait while your mansion is being done, or something like that. Again, this is just a dream; I really don't believe there is a holding center!

I was praying about Roger because I couldn't find him and I was getting upset. The restaurant was set on this road and it looked like a city, but it looked just like a normal city on earth. I was looking out the window and looking around the restaurant, and then felt the Lord tell me, "Trust in the Lord, have faith." I told the Lord I would keeping trusting him with all my heart. Then I looked around the restaurant and there was Roger at the other side of the restaurant. He did not see me yet. Then I woke up.

I realized this dream was to reinforce my faith in three things:

1. The Lord was always with me and I had to keep my trust first and fully on Him.
2. That I needed to have faith that our new world, heaven, is coming, and it is eternal and our hope.
3. That I needed to always have faith that the Lord has Roger in the palm of His Hand, as the head of our household and leader of the home.

Then I wondered where the children were in the dream? I realized then that they were probably already in heaven; that they didn't have to go to the holding center because they were purified already, being children. Again, with this just being a dream, I don't think it would really happen that way!

I have typed out the dream because I don't want to forget it. I believe the Lord was giving me a faith-building experience to hold on to while we wait for the real heaven, for Chris to talk, Ryan and Chris to hear, Colleen, Ryan and Chris to have their dreams and hopes fulfilled and grow strong and faithful in the Lord, and for us to have happiness and see our loved ones gone before, once again.

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