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The Incredibles

Have a Cutestuf Day

Colleen and Reese

Colleen and Reese

Colleen and Licorice

Colleen and Spice

5th grade

2nd grade

under construction!

One month old or so Colleen with her Grandpa Jerry

Learning to stand, about 10 months

Yummy cake! I'm 1!

My first (and last!) camping trip. Gotta go again sometime (On Mommy's Lap)

About a year and a half -- started getting out of crib so lookee what I got!

Zoo trip when I was 1 and Chris was 4.

2 years old already!

Chris and I started learning to skate when I was 3 and he was 7! We love it!

A long and much needed for mommy and daddy TRIP to North Carolina!! I was 3 1/2.

I also learned to ride my bike at 4, and switched to no training wheels at 6!

The longest my hair ever got! After this I eventually got a very short haircut which was also very cute!

The hair is shorter already -- got my glasses in Kindergarten and wore a few years before I outgrew need of them in third grade.

I started ballet when I was four and enjoyed for a few years (before I started a very fun art class at the Y!) I'm 5 or 6 here

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