CHRIS'S PICTURE SITE, PART 1, newborn to about age 7

Chris is born, 11/90.

Sleepy boy, '90.

Another cute baby pic! 12/90.

Chris's cute newborn smile.

Papa, Mommy, Mama, with Chris, and Grandma Mary who we miss much.

About age 2, first haircut -- see the curls

Fun bathtime!

Love the beach with cousin Eric.

In West Virginia, summer 92, with cousin Eric.

I loved to wear Grandpa's hat!


When I was 2 and 3 I loved to trace letters at this desk and could say many of them.

Chris used to play the organ all the time! About age 3.

We were at an animated Christmas decoration store and Chris loved it (about 5)

Swinging with sister Colleen (2), about age 6.

I'm 7!

Happy in my room -- approx age 7

another day at beach -- about age 7.

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