Weight Journal


this part is under construction and partly from 1999, though I changed kids ages and added my third :) :) My journal and weight loss chart follows this history!

NEWEST UPDATE, 04/13, nine YEARS later! This is not so pretty, as in the last several years I have NOT kept up with HTML at ALL, and all my pretty little pictures, bars, separators, and etc. no longer worked, just giving me a blank page. So I deleted everything and here we have just lovely text until I have time to become HTML literate again! I mainly blog at criscollrj.com (the parent site of this). I lost weight in 04 and 05 and gained it all back twice. I now am counting calories on MFP on my phone - My Fitness Pal. I am Criscollrj on there, and am trying to do any blogging about weight either there or on my regular blog. If I can get as low as I was in 05 (160) I will be thrilled! My history since 05 [I hit 165 in 04 and 160 in 05] is that I was as HIGH as 197 approximately in 2010 or 2011. In approximately 2012 I went down to 185 and stayed there for at least a year. This year on January 30 I started MFP and I am now 175. I have been 175 for a MONTH and hope to be off the plateau soon - but I am steadily losing inches -- have lost approximately 4 1/2 - 5 inches now. To update on the family, (below), they are now 22, almost 19, and 11, unbelievable!! Rog and I both work in data entry, and I no longer transcribe. I am a student headed towards a degree in special education - about 2 more years to go!

Just thought my dieting history back 1999 was worth saving - I have been on every plan imaginable, including no plan! 2005-2007 is here: Live journal diet blog

NEW UPDATE, 5/04 - I am on South Beach Diet along with hubby!

JUNE UPDATE (2004). Rog and I are convinced that the South Beach diet is what we were looking for as our Weight Loss Tool. And we credit the Lord with giving us the strength to do this. I'm down 11 pounds so far and Rog is probably about 12 down.

I was (2004) following the Weigh Down principles but was not in Gwen S.'s groups, due to her theology coming into question back in 2000/2001. I am also about to research a book/plan called Thin Within, which, to my knowledge is very similar to Weigh Down except without the questionable theology. did research the book, not a bad book, a little corny - it was from 1985. Good principles to still follow now on South Beach, to not eat when not hungry. That I have learned from these plans....

My husband and I have three children, one who is an autistic son, 13, and 10 year old daughter, who has ADHD, and a 2-year old son. I enjoy writing, reading, web page making, Bible reading, historical/romance Christian novels, organizing charts, and walking. Special hobbies of ours are playing guitar, singing, writing music, and playing many games with our children! I also am hoping to begin my college career again, working very slowly towards a degree in Music Therapy.

God bless you all.

Weight Journal

July 24, 2004. Missed logging AGAIN last week as we've had a second family emergency. I am disturbed that I gained almost 4 pounds. I held it together during my oldest son's hospitalization (where his meds are well regulated now and he's sleeping so the stress has definitely been down!!) but understood the weight gain last week as that was the week he was hospitalized until Thursday the 15th. I have done fairly well lately and felt I definitely should have lost the 2 pounds I'd gained last week and most definitely should not have gained another two. So I'm kind of mystified.

So what I shall do then is cut back to 2 bread servings a day like I was at in the first month, and perhaps quit or greatly cut back drinking the Dietrite Diet Soda; even though it says it has no sodium, maybe something in that makes me retain water. Water would be better 8 - 10 cups a day!

Surprisinly I did lost inches - so something is going right!?

dori, 185.9/173.4/125. In 2 weeks I'm down 1/2 inch on waist and 1/4 more down on hips. Total loss now in inches of 6 and a half inches!

July 10, 2004. Missed logging last week as we've had a family emergency. But am pleased to report that I am definitely down! For my health and continuation of doing well I need to continue adding more veggies and more water. But happy that I've reached my goal of getting under 170. Next goal - 165 (prepregnancy weight!)

dori, 185.9/169.8/125. In 2 weeks I'm down 1/4 inch on hips. Last week for some reason I was down 1/2 inch on waist but put it back on this week!

June 26, 2004. Had 2 parties and a picnic this week, and though I was very careful I did gain a pound. Early this week (Wed) I had actually showed a pound and a half loss so it was disappointing to be 172 midweek and then 174.7 today. But I'm going to try and go back to Phase 1 for a day or two and then hopefully there'll be no major picnics this week :} so that hopefully by next week I'll be down again.

dori, 185.9/174.7/125, same inches.

June 19, 2004. Even though I had a few "cheating" times this week I am so happy to still be losing weight! That proves it pays to just stick to the plan! Saturday night we had had a pizza night but we stuck with no carbs all day and then 4 small square pieces with salad. The next day we had 1-2 more pieces. Then on Wednesday we ended up being suddenly invited to a boat ride/picnic and ended up having real hamburgers with onions (grilled!) and potato salad and cake - we were careful but did taste everything.

dori, 185.9/173.9/125, and lost another 1/4 inch around waist and 1/2 inch around hips. 5 3/4 inches gone!

June 12, 2004. Ahh, so excited to lose more weight! I am just about at the first goal I'd set myself - to get back to my lowest after Ryan was BORN. I passed it by .8 of a pound! Yippee!!!! My next goal - to get under 165 (my prepregnancy weight with Ryan). My goal is to do that by late summer!

I did do a yoga tape last Saturday but that was the only time I got to exercise. I walked a few times but most of the week it was so hot I didn't get to. This morning it is very cool - maybe I can take Ryan for a walk before Chris gets up (it's almost 8:30 a.m.). But I would also like to do my yoga too! And hopefully soon I can add in Y Weight Workouts.

I still have a goal of adding more water.

dori, 185.9/175.1/125, and lost another 1/2 inch around waist and hips combined. 5 inches gone!

June 5, 2004. I'd snuck on the scale on Monday and was 177.0 after being 177.8 last week, so was kind of disappointed to be 177.1 today! But, oh well, that's weighing too much anyway. I am still at my lowest in a few years, AND my inches are going down! I think I've had a bit too much of the "bad fats" this week - with the Memorial Day/birthday party and some other gatherings I think I had at least 5 hot dogs this week and some kielbasi too. This week I'm going to focus on drinking more water and decreasing the saturated animal fats, AND increasing vegetables. Though I have to admit I'm NOT doing TOO bad!

dori, 185.9/177.1/125, and lost yet Another 1/2 inch around waist and 1/4 inch around hips! 4 1/4 inches gone SO FAR!!!!!

May 29, 2004. My daughter's birthday :) -- will be tested there but since this is a habit now I'm sure I'll be fine! I think they're having hamburgers and hot dogs so I'll bring along legal whole wheat buns.

Was a little dusappointed at weight plateau but it always happens, and at least I had inches lost! Whoo hoo!

dori, 185.9/177.8/125, and lost another 1/2 inch around BOTH waist and hips!

May 22, 2004. It's still working! I'm getting excited - maybe this will take LESS than a year to get to goal! Adding in good carbs was great this week and I was glad it didn't make me gain any weight. I am having 2 carbs a day + 1 fruit.

dori, 185.9/177.5/125, and lost finally 1/2 inch around hips!

May 15, 2004. Rog and I are still on SBD. We are really interested in every facet of this lower carb lifestyle and keep reading about it. It is so different from anything I've done before. We feel good about incorporating more vegetables into our life. On Monday we can bring back fruits and whole grains and I'm really looking forward to that!

dori, 185.9/180.4/125, and lost one more 1/2 inch around waist!

May 8, 2004. Due to stress from 2 surgeries on my son and other medical problems and issues, I strayed off my plan in the middle of March and ended up pretty well completely off for almost 2 months. In late April I began to hear more and more good things about the South Beach Diet so decided to get the book and check it out. Always against low-carb diets after reading things about it back in junior high in the 70's and 80's, I had decided that I would never do one, years ago. Well, I read the book and lots of online information, and lo and behold decided to give it a try! It is low carb for 2 weeks and then you add in GOOD carbs like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, etc. No JUNK. So Rog and I are both doing it. Cool thing is SO FAR I'VE LOST 4 1/2 POUNDS! I'm choosing a new beginning weight as I was off the old plan for so long. So here we go:

dori, 185.9/181.4/125, lost one inch around waist! Also, I've been walking every day for a month or so.

March 6, 2004. Did MUCH better this week but still more to be desired. I would say last week's goals are still what I'm seeking for. But very happy with weight loss and inches lost (lost 1/2 inch around my hips!) Also due to good weather started WALKING!

dori, 186.2/182.3/125

February 29, 2004. This whole week I was kind of "off." Double birthday party last Sunday, me and Ryan. I waited for hunger, but probably ate to full instead of satisfied. Did okay all week, not horrible, but didn't drink enough water, drank too much pop, and ate out several times with different family members (i.e., hot dog at Walmart with my mom, hamburger and fries with Rog yesterday, etc.) and I believe due to that also had too much salt and not enough water to flush it out. Drank WAY too much cola this week. But proud of myself in this - in 5-6 weeks doing this I have not yet eaten when not hungry! So this week's goals (probably same as last):

Drink MORE water
Cut down to ONE cup of Coke a day
Continue not eating at night (past 6-7:00)
Resume journaling; I didn't do it at all last week.


dori, 186.2/184 :( /125

February 21, 2004. Lost a little, but I think it's time to cut my food in half again. This happened the last time I did the Weigh Down principles, as well. Goals for this week:

Drink MORE water
Cut down a BIT on the Coke (like limit to one-two cups a day)
Continue not eating at night (past 6-7:00)
Continue (AND INCREASE!) journaling, especially
about food intake, etc.

I am happy I lost some, but not really surprised it wasn't more -- we had McD's for lunch yesterday and pizza for dinner for my birthday (which is Sunday). Today I'm going to a friend's for lunch and tomorrow is mine and Ryan's actual birthday and birthday party so I may not be able to cut down tons on intake until Monday. But I will continue waiting for hunger and stopping when full.

I measured myself for the first time today in a few years. I needed a measuring tape and finally got one. So I've noted those (not writing them here -- can't go that far! but have them in a notebook and will let you know when I lose sizeable inches!!) :)

dori, 186.2/182.5/125

February 14, 2004. I'm not happy, for the first time on this plan (since Jan. 20) I've showed a weight gain. I did nothing different this week, still on plan, still waiting for hunger, stopping before full, so I can just assume it's some funky water retention thing or something. I am not due for af.

We did have some fast food yesterday for lunch and then Encore for dinner, so it may be too much salt.

If that's all it is, then it should balance out next week!

I plan to drink more water this week and watch the salt just a little - everything in moderation.

dori, 186.2/182.7/125 (up 1 1/2 pounds from last week :( )

February 7. 181.2.

January 31, 2004. 183.5.

January 24, 2004. 184.3. January 25, 2004! I am starting over again on my weight plan. Had a baby in between! He will be two, and I decided to go back on a Weigh Down type lifestyle on January 20, 2004. So far I have lost .75 pounds.

February 3, 2001. 165. Renewed same day.

June 11, 2000. 155.

January 8, 2001. Wow, I haven't updated for a while. I was 155-158 for quite a while and then at Christmas and after snuck up to 165. I just renewed on Saturday the 3rd and am beginning my 6th day of obedience through God's Grace today. I shall try and update soon.....btw, in July 2000 I did get down to 154....

April 21, 2000. 159. I WAS 162 last week. Yikes! Turned it around. I spent most of March and April at 160 and then shot up to 162 last week. It woke me up. Ever since gaining that 4 pounds in February for some reason my portions snuck up and I was unable to focus on bringing them down - stress, etc. So just this Monday (4/17) I gave it all back to God again, determining to only eat one thing at a time, to barely eat until satisfied, knowing that when God makes me hungry again I can eat again. I have lost 3 pounds since Monday! I am seeking to be obedient and love the Lord and that the weight loss will follow. Today I had breakfast: 1 egg with a little bologna and cheese, 1 waffle, late morning snack: 1 hot dog, lunch: about 1/4 cup mac & cheese, dinner: one small gordita (homemade) with 1/4 cup chocolate milk, and then evening snack: just got hungry again this evening and had another gordita and 3 apricot halves. Tomorrow I may want all veggies. It seems to even out like that. I am staying away from junk and sweets for right now - they were becoming "idols" again and I am going to stay away for them for a little while until I can handle them just being "regular" food again.

February 28, 2000. 157 -- I reached 155 again 2 weeks ago, then last week for no reason gained 4 pounds. I tried to rely on God and not let it sway me but due to that and also my birthday I have been eating a little too much. Not off the plan, but I really need to dig into the Word again and get going. I lost 2 of those pounds this week, ironically.

February 6, 2000. 156.

February 2, 2000 -- I am still strictly waiting for hunger with the Lord's help, and eating smaller portions. Only 1 more pound until I'm back to my lowest of this year, and then to go lower. It is so exciting!

I am reading "Rise Above" by Gwen Shamblin, and it is great. It has renewed my motivation to stick to this through Jesus. He has the power.

January, 2000. 158. January 29, 2000 -- will try to write a longer entry soon but basic summary is - I reached 155 by September and maintained through December! Then put on 5 pounds after christmas. I have lost 2 of them now. Yesterday I cut all food down again as it had slowly crept up after Halloween, etc. Not that I ever STOPPED weigh down but I lost my focus! and my quiet time with God! A renewal now. I'll update soon.

August, 1999. 160! August 25, 1999 -- planned to weigh in here before this, but have a five pound loss to report!! I felt led by God to cut all my food in half, that I was eating too much at each meal even though I was waiting for hunger. My jewel has been this 5 pound loss. I read the Bible every morning for about 2 weeks but have slipped this week. Been really busy working on a new at home typing job. Praise the Lord though, the other day, for His showing me Luke chapter 12 when I really needed it!!

July 15, 1999. I have been on Weigh Down for 4 months and 1 week now! I really have a peace about this program, and have learned much about trust and obedience. For some reason my weight has levelled off at 165, though I have reached 162 about 3 times since May. I am just trusting in the Lord that it will slowly begin to come down, as long as I am following my tummy's inborn rules on hunger and fullness! I started the WEIGH DOWN workshop actual classes last week! I loved it - so good to have some people to talk to and to actually watch the videos, listen to the tapes, and do the workbook questions. It really remotivated me although I have never actually stopped doing the program in this time. It has renewed my motivation to study God's word. I am determined to not let my plateau get me off the plan and so far it hasn't. I will not be weighing until the end of July and will simply list that as my August weigh-in, most likely - I shall see....

I am presently at 165. I have decided to only weigh once a month (was hopping on 1-2 x a week!

May 1, 162. 14 pounds now - this is my lowest weight since 1994!

Will update soon, hopefully to have lost more weight! Going under 164/165 will be a big step for me as I have not maintained below this weight since before I was pregnant with my daughter in 1993. Looking for 160 by the end of May, I hope!!

April 21, 1999. I have been on WEIGH DOWN for about 6 weeks now and am so happy to have found this program! I am seeking the Lord daily to show me when hungry and when full, by his knowledge of his creation and how we need to care for ourselves. I have read the WEIGH DOWN diet book, but have not attended a workshop yet. The book was phenomenal and powerful, and convicted me that this is the way for me to go about losing my excess weight. I eat what I want but in small portions, stopping when full. I am so grateful that so far I have not "cheated" and eaten while full or before getting hungry. Somehow knowing I can have what I want, but not until hungry, helps to wait for that next God-given hunger pang!

April 10, 164. I've lost 4 more pounds in less than a month!!

March 13, lost 5 pounds! 168

March 6, started WEIGH DOWN! 173

February, stayed the same. 

January 9, 1999, lost 3 pounds! Very excited and motivated. 173

January 2, 1999, began weight loss plan