5 thoughts on “What a non-verbal yet very “verbose” autistic person may say–

  1. Oh, my, yes. I think Amanda Bagg’s blog at http://ballastexistenz.autistics.org is VERY well worth reading for basically everyone who is alive and human, whether or not you think you have an interest in autistic people, or non-verbal people. She is very insightful about all disability rights issues in general. And much of what she says can be generalized to human rights issues in general.

    People who are new to her blog often make the mistake of thinking, “Oh, this is a blog about an autistic woman.” Or, “This woman is courageously ‘letting us into her world.'” Or, “This is a blog about what it is like to be autistic, or what it is like to be non-verbal, or what it is like to be an intelligent, articulate woman who just happens to wear diapers.” Or whatever. But, no, her blog isn’t any of these things. READ CAREFULLY. Even the posts that SEEM to be about herself, or about how she experiences life, or how her brain “works” are not really about her and her own experiences. They ALL make a much broader point. Usually about people with disabilities in general and how other people respond to us. Or about human rights issues in general, and how ALL of us should be taking a much closer look at how we perceive and treat others who are different from us, or how we define “humanity” or how we decide who “deserves” to have their rights respected and who doesn’t. Yes, a great many of her insights probably in part come about because of her own experiences being perceived as an “unperson” BECAUSE she is a non-verbal autistic woman. But that’s only the jumping-off point, NOT the heart of her blog. If you come to her blog thinking only, “I want to know what a non-verbal autistic woman has to say,” then you’ll be missing nine-tenths of everything she’s trying to say.

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