I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. Ps. 37:25

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Seems fitting to attend a great barbecue the week before school!   Leave a comment

Sometimes it’s challenging to get through the summer easily trying to keep two rambunctious boys happy and safe in the heat.  But all in all I think we all accomplished this this summer.  We have worked as a team – Chris stays at his paternal grandparents’ still (while we await, seek, and research the appropriate […]

Trivial and important often reside together   Leave a comment

As a person who has always been not so good at multi-tasking, I have had to learn to become quite good at it! The important things in my mind always are: Taking care of our children and the family’s basic needs. Roger and I getting our work done. Us getting our schoolwork done when we’re […]

A week off!   Leave a comment

Mostly – ha ha. To do — Take transcription test for Allegis insurance today (step 5 of the application).  Trying to add another backup contract as my favorite backup contract lost their whole department last week and we all lost our contracts.  Don’t want to have less than three eggs in the basket . . […]

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Thanks, my Facebook Friends!   Leave a comment

Since with new wonders of Facebook, my blog now appears in my profile when I update, I just wanted to thank you all for being on my friends list.  Many of you have joined recently and I haven’t been able to personally write you, but I thank you for being in my circle of friends […]

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Completely overwhelmed, but still soothed by nature’s glory   Leave a comment

042 Originally uploaded by criscollrj I’ve noticed that nature greatly soothes me as well as prayer. And also just being with family and laughing. But things are crazy, and I just have never any time for blogging, etc. I often think lately that I’d just like to totally quit working so I can catch up […]

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Almost August and I haven’t even been swimming yet!   Leave a comment

DSC00709 Originally uploaded by criscollrj We took this back in June when we did take Colleen & her friend to the beach for a while. We haven’t been back. I didn’t go in that day and neither did Ryan — Ryan has been afraid of the “different” lake water and this is the closest he’s […]

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Being led home…   Leave a comment

… and I didn’t even leave 🙂 Wow, after 3 months, I’ve decided to quit looking for a job. I made this decision on Sunday, after 3 months of no-gos and dead ends, and not really being able to give transcription my all because I’m always looking for jobs or going to interviews (only 2) […]

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All things are possible   1 comment

Things have been rough in a lot of ways lately – Chris has been staying up all night just about every 2-3 days lately, and there’s been continuous illness it seems with the kids. But we have a new situation coming up where we will have 40 hours a week of help for the kids. […]

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Spring and smoke are in the air!   Leave a comment

0406200804360 Originally uploaded by criscollrj. Our first bonfire of ’08. We and the boys enjoyed the some hot dogs and a beautiful 60 degree day – Colleen and her friend came over later and had fun by the fire. Damp though – we didn’t keep the fire going as long as we will later in […]

Posted April 6, 2008 by criscollrj in children, health, sleep, work at home

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A very strange birthday —   1 comment

Still fighting continuously sick kids. Here’s yesterday, and a schedule of my madness….(from my transcription board) This was my day yesterday — (below) Today I’m just going to try and catch up a little, do some dishes and laundry and pick up, and do a schedule so I can get all my work done (I’ll […]

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Posted February 23, 2008 by criscollrj in birthdays, chris, colleen, transcription

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