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Just entering the world of autism phone apps–   Leave a comment

Autism Apps (page 3) – Android A while ago our speech therapist shared with us that autism applications could be found on the Apple Ipad, Ipod Touch, and Iphone. Actually drafted this much of the post a while ago, planning to come back and add a lot of links.  But I haven’t had time to […]

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17 years ago – Colleen’s birth   Leave a comment

  Yes, another birthday today!  Amazing how fast it all goes.   Was just reviewing some entries from my journal from back then – actually 5-12-94:   “First things first, I’m 2 cm dilated (as of last Friday) and am working only one more week.  I’m ready to enjoy this summer off with my children.  […]

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interests survey   Leave a comment

LJ Interests meme results attention deficit:I believe my whole family suffers from this. Apparently I have it, but it didn’t affect my school work – I was kind of a brain ha ha! But my housework abilities suffer. back to school:I still want to go back to college, but this, again, is on hold. I […]

Cutting down on computer time.   4 comments

just posted this in my other group — thought I’d update here too. Time: Sunday, 2/13/2005 10:34:34 AM (#65523) User: dori Comments: Hi – had to make a tough decision about 5 weeks ago and cut out just about all my computer time. Quick update – Since Ryan quit napping right after Christmas, I made […]

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Christmas!   Leave a comment

Yes, I remember Thanksgiving is coming, and I’m ready – I LOVE Thanksgiving! But I just wanted to get my Christmas background done here before it’s almost Christmas and I have no time to do it!!! We’re surviving okay – Chris is having a little trouble sleeping again which isn’t fun but it’s not as […]

Sunny Sunday   Leave a comment

You’re Manny! (Manuela) You are clingy, yet cute.Childish, yet can have some amazing pearls ofwisdom. You are the Sam to Emma’s Frodo. Cheerup about Craig, dear. There are plenty moreboys who dig it when you call your stuffedanimals weird names! Which Degrassi Girl are You? brought to you by Quizilla I love Degrassi – can’t […]

busy busy busy   Leave a comment

— you’d think I’d be sitting around eating bonbons by now, this SAHM, who has not worked in 7 weeks! But my to-do list keeps growing! So far I have Organized pantry and linen closets Cleaned half of each bedroom (a lot to clean!!) Rearranged and cleaned living room Balanced checkbook September through December Did […]

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RJ….   Leave a comment

RJ had speech eval today and they want us to closely watch him and work with him a LOT as he may be a little behind. I was kind of thinking of doing some work at home but now am reconsidering that. I think my hands might be full…. the kids are my priority! Kiddoes […]

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