I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. Ps. 37:25

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Craving order, and Chocolate Cake   1 comment

Ahh, just remembering the days when Ryan laid on a boppy pillow and napped while I typed.  When he was three weeks old I began my legal trans again, just a little, and I remember how I reached my arms around him to type on the keyboard.  Now he’s starting kindergarten in 3 months.  All […]

slow but sure!   1 comment

The previous two weeks I’d not lost much weight so was so happy to hit 172.5 today! Securely in stage 2 now and getting to eat homemade oatmeal, wheat pasta, rye bread, etc., YUM! I HAVE “cheated” a few times – had chocolate cake on my birthday (1 piece, then no more) and have had […]

Posted March 10, 2007 by criscollrj in weight

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4 1/2 pounds down!   5 comments

I’m on day 10 now, and excited to be able on my birthday (Thursday) at the beginning of my third week to be able to eat a little whole grain bread, fruit, and whole wheat pasta again! I have felt well and make sure I eat the 3 healthy snacks suggested. My day usually consists […]

Posted February 17, 2007 by criscollrj in weight

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Quick update – hecticness!   Leave a comment

Just cutting and pasting and running on with my day—-

Posted February 16, 2007 by criscollrj in autism, life, residency, waiver placement lists, weight

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Back on the Beach   1 comment

http://weighdownagain.livejournal.com/ And I’m going to DO it. And really look good on the beach this summer? Yea-us?[ad#Google Adsense]

Posted February 9, 2007 by criscollrj in weight

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The BEACH   Leave a comment

OKAY, I finally did it. I’m back on the Beach. I haven’t done Phase 1 since May of 04 (I lost 20 pounds that summer) and I forgot how hard it is. But I got scared into doing it when I weighed myself yesterday and I was 180 – HORRORS. I hadn’t been that high […]

Posted February 9, 2007 by criscollrj in weight

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Progress!   1 comment

Wow, I was kind of surprised this week! Had a bad week, didn’t focus too much on eating except for making sure I still abstained pretty much from sugar. I lost 1 1/2 pounds and another 3/4 inch! Down 11 1/2 pounds and 2 1/2 inches altogether. dori 184.5/173/125 [ad#Google Adsense]

Posted July 23, 2005 by criscollrj in weight

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spring   4 comments

I am feeling ready to change my background soon — I may dabble in it yet today. I did update my weight site (weighdownagain is my user name for that) – http://www.livejournal.com/users/weighdownagain/ — I am on the road again – 3rd day of foodmover (richard simmons). I hope for success!!! We kept colleen in her […]

Posted April 10, 2005 by criscollrj in colleen, Ryan, weight

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skinny minnie?   Leave a comment

Posted January 2, 2005 by criscollrj in organizing, weight

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Sunny Sunday   Leave a comment

You’re Manny! (Manuela) You are clingy, yet cute.Childish, yet can have some amazing pearls ofwisdom. You are the Sam to Emma’s Frodo. Cheerup about Craig, dear. There are plenty moreboys who dig it when you call your stuffedanimals weird names! Which Degrassi Girl are You? brought to you by Quizilla I love Degrassi – can’t […]

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