Up all night…

Seems like it. Actually Chris has quieted down so I hope to go to sleep SOON. I was up late last night with him and then overslept this morning and he missed his bus. Ended up taking him to the dr. – another sinus infection. It goes together – the sleeplessness and the sinus infections. We are so weary – we hope this new thing works – giving him antibiotics for 4 weeks instead of 2.

For some reason at night I’ve been reading about anorexia. I think I stumbled across something surfing Live Journal sites (think that’s where it was?) and then just started reading about it. It’s amazing what the mind can do in a person. I never had anorexia or bulimia but did get to the binging state. I always would binge before I started diets, ever since I was like 10 years old. I would pick a date to start dieting and right before it I’d eat huge quantities to “get it out of my system.” I have done this to this day.

In ’99 I joined a diet system called “Weigh Down” and I followed through my pregnancy and nursing as well. It really changed my outlook a lot. It is based on just eating when hungry and stopping before full. However, after that I kind of drifted away from it (as the program developed some spiritual inconsistencies and a lot of churches dropped the plan, and I got disappointed in the whole thing and just didn’t do it anymore). I really got slowly but steadily back into the diet and then binge thing. So Jan. 20 I started following the basic hunger/fullness principles again and am down 4 pounds. It is so liberating – I can eat what I want, as long as I’m hungry, and I stop when I feel satisfied (not full!) and wait for hunger to eat again. And it’s funny, after reading these anorexia/bulemia sites, I can see where a plan like this would be a help to those people too after they have maybe talked to someone about their low self esteem issues.

I think I’m actually going to attempt to go to bed… hopefully!


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Gotta try and stay awake…

My oldest is still awake – yeah, it’s only 10 but he seems REALLY REALLY awake like the nights he stays up all night… sigh.

DH is in bed – he has to get up at 4 to go to work tomorrow. I have been getting some REALLY nice sleep lately so it is my turn to stay up with Chris. Chris has been sleeping well lately, but last week he did not. He use to stay up ALL the time all night. We were counting our blessings. Not sure why he’s staying up again ?!

I saw this map on a friend’s journal and made one myself! Fun!

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