Fun menu outing AND video camera!

Broke in the digital camera, early Christmas present for us.

Here’s a start:

Going to Erie from Dori H on Vimeo.

And by the way when I said “Open the door” I didn’t mean the car– I can see that would possibly be assumed from my statement

All videos here – and I’m sure this is the site I’ll stick with as they loaded fairly easily (not true at my old photobucket account, not sure why…)

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A parade of memories!

3-2-03 036

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Watch out, you’re going to be seeing lots of old pictures!! I just started to upload my own that are on my own computer (a whole directory of our “friends” pictures of us and their family) and then in the middle my Yahoo pictures started uploading from the Yahoo-Flickr move a lot of you may have heard of (many of the years 2002-2003).

So, a whole lot of organizing and categorizing coming up in the future! I love looking at our old pictures 🙂

This is Ryan, one year old birthday party!

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Old pictures (I’m going to probably —

be scanning these a lot for a while – these aren’t even all scanned (some are digital), but anyway—-)

While waiting for Chris to go to sleep I felt like taking a few minutes to post old pictures [hey, I only have 9 minutes of audio left to type, right?] This is Chris about 9 months old, with Grandma

Awe, my li’l Colleen with her crawling doll

Waiting for our Ry-Ry

more soon—

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Restaurant menus and broccoli casserole

edit – WELL, I can’t figure out why the french fry picture had thrown off my whole blog sidebar (I didn’t even notice until today – lol!) but I just put it under the cut.

I’m also trying to delete that extra “zoo” entry but WordPress won’t let me. Can’t figure that out either. Ahhhh well. No more time to play.

Hadn’t said hey for while — boy have we been busy. Rog has been collecting restaurant menus in 11 counties for Sunlark, and that has been keeping him extra busy on top of the court research he does for them. We went with him. See above for flickr pics, and more on the trip and a yummy recipe here Continue reading

Fall fun

on a beautiful spring-like day!

What a fun day today!  Several more pics on my sidebar, and also look at Thanksgiving pics (sample at bottom!)

Chris just wanted to get in the car!  He finally got his way and dad got everyone Burger King!

Me looking goofy and disheveled – oh well, I probably usually look like this!  I did have a migraine this morning so I probably look more tired.

Rog worked hard most of the day getting the leaves in one big pile for the kids’ to jump in 🙂

Ryan had a lot of fun with the leaves! It was a beautiful day here in Ohio – like in the 60’s or so!  We got lights up in the front of the house and did lots of yardwork.

Colleen had a great time too even though she’s camera shy!  But I did sneak this video in – on youtube. She helped her dad and enjoyed friends today as well. 

Pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece at our dinner at Gayle’s.  More pictures in the Flickr sidebar!  It was our first dinner there since Colleen’s birthday party in May.  I was glad everyone had a good time! We also had a birthday cake for Chris’s 16th birthday which was Tuesday the 20th.

New Youtube videos in addition to above, that I need to put on sidebar:

video of our Spice the hamster, RIP 2/06
video Colleen made of her favorite cartoon Inuyasha — this was an awesome video but it was deleted from You Tube because the cartoon maker claimed copyright on all those kind of videos (there were hundreds people made). 12/31/06

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school pics 06-07

school pics 06-07

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

New pic of Chris! Ryan’s is coming…

He’s back at school! Thank God. He’s gotten on the bus 2 days straight now. Still some behavior problems – but we’re working on it.

More soon!


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