The I have no excuse not to be posting excuse post

  1. There ARE no excuses for my misbehavior. I’m not really posting a lot ANYWHERE but I do still read..
  2. LOOKING and ARRANGING for transcription jobs to line up through the week is kinda exhausting – more than I expected!  I contact about 4-5 companies a week that I’m contracted with to try and schedule something for each day – not always easy as THEY don’t always know what they have so I’m waiting on one all day to see if they have anything and if not I have to go to the next and see what they have, etc.  One day I’ll end up with 2-3 jobs at once and be totally screwed.
  3. I think I’m finally getting the horrid cold that i seemed to have escaped for almost a YEAR now (amazingly.)  A few weeks ago I had a stuffy nose, but now I’m like using dozens of tissues every five minutes.
  4. My house is a disaster, and I’m too tired to clean it.  I have a kitchen full of fruitflies.  I tend to get about 4 loads of dishes done a day but never finish them.
  5. I’m too busy to post because I need to change my poor hamster’s cage – I think it’s been about 2 months since I changed it.  TOMORROW.  I MUST.  He’s a cute little guy – I’ll have to post his pic.
  6. I’m not posting as much because YAY I have made time for exercise!  Thought it would keep the colds and bugs away permanently, but no.  But I am walking half hour a day 4x a week roughly and am on week three.  I’m NOT dieting.  I just can’t handle another HAVE-TO item right now so am eating whatever I want ( ha ha ! )
  7. I also have taken 3 baths since the kids went back to school, and I shower right after the walk (and after the bath, when I take one – for some reason I just can’t take a bath ONLY, I have to have a shower afterwards ;P  )
  8. I’m also too busy to post because Rog and I have been working on some cleaning projects.  I cleaned out my office and threw out like 5 bags of recyclable papers (Colleen trotted them over to the school fundraising recycling bins across the street) and threw out all the garbage also.  I still have about 2′ high of filing to do in my filing cabinet that I can’t fit any more in and need to clean out.  ha ha!
  9. Rog cleaned out bedroom out halfway and did a really good job!  I’ll not have time to post because I need to get in there and move furniture around and clean out drawers and pack away summer clothes.  I can’t wait until it look REALLY good in there!!!  It’s been too long as a trash heap.
  10. Also won’t have time to post because FRIDAY we’ve scheduled the big garage clean out!  Tired of all our bikes, grill, shovels, etc., being outside because our garage is too big of a mess.  We’re actually using our pool water that we need to drain to put in buckets and use to wash the garage floor!!!

Bless you all – I’m still reading!

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Craving order, and Chocolate Cake

Ahh, just remembering the days when Ryan laid on a boppy pillow and napped while I typed.  When he was three weeks old I began my legal trans again, just a little, and I remember how I reached my arms around him to type on the keyboard.  Now he’s starting kindergarten in 3 months.  All day kindergarten.
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cleaning turns into furniture moving?

Does anyone else immediately start moving or planning to move large items of furniture when you clean a room?  I always do this.  I can’t just clean – I have to rearrange.  And it doesn’t matter what else is happening, if I don’t really have time, or whatever, it’s like a driving force – I MUST MOVE FURNITURE.  I try and restrain myself much of the time, but I don’t always succeed.

Right now, my house is needing a good pickup ALL OVER but I’m obsessed with the fact that I want to move my kitchen table again – WHY?  I don’t know.  I think my kitchen is just too small and it’s hard to find a way to make it work, so I change it.  Like every three months.  And yes, it’s been over 3 months since I changed it, so the bug is back.  CHANGE ME!  Ha ha.  It’s just it involved moving THREE pieces of furniture, not one – the table, the sideboard buffet, and another little cabinet.  Like a Rubik’s cube, how will this all fit together?

Well, I’d better get at some kind of cleaning anyway…..


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First big snow – 8″ over two days!

SNOW DAY! Kids had a lot of fun outside. I actually wrapped gifts for almost an hour this morning before anyone got up. Then I washed dishes, then went outside with them. Now I need to cook lunch and clean office.

Less than two weeks of school left before break…

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stable here —

and I’m hopelessly behind as usual!

I’ve replaced with working with cleaning my house with a vengeance. Boy did it need it and still does!

I go this Thursday to the psych. to see if I need to some ADD meds. I still have trouble with losing things. I really have the house in pretty good shape but still couldn’t find Ryan’s book bag or shoes this morning. He went in sandals and a spare bag I had here. I also couldn’t find his hearing aids for a while and then remembered i’ put them in this other little bag. But wasted 5 minutes hunting for those.

I’m trying to force myself to stay on a system I call “dailies’ which keeps me petty much on track. I start in the back of the house and make all the beds and pick up extra stuff on the floor and put it away and wipe down both bathrooms with a bleach wipe. Then pick up the living room, and finally the kitchen. This takes me a few hours a day. I’d like to get to the point where in 2-3 hours I also clean the downstairs family room too and that bathroom but I still am not at the point where I’m getting down there. I also have a backlog of paperwork to file and stuff so that’s another chore I need to do!!! But it’s not automatic for me – I Have to have a system or it doesn’t get done.

Well, I’d better get to the system 😉 And I have the remains of a headache so not feeling great… was supposed to go to an exercise class today but putting off til Thurs. AND MUST go grocery shopping this morning– my aid is not coming as she usually does in afternoon for Chris so no way I’m taking all the kids shopping. She was in an accident – not sure what happened – hoping she’s okay!!


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Comments: Good morning! So far I feel wonderful this morning! I had what I think was a mild migraine last night (no aura or anything) and it responded to Exedrin Migraine. I slept like 10 until 7 a.m. and got a shower Everyone is still sleeping.

The web site of the conference information is

But I see that hardly any has been transferred yet of the 14 breakout sessions that they had. 3, I think. I plan to read over those three as those were ones I did not attend. We attended the keynote speech by Sean Barron and got the book he and Temple Grandin wrote. We got to speak to him and his girlfriend Barbara and had them sign the book. That was awesome! He ate at Quiznos with her – we saw them in the cafeteria – I wanted to take a picture but restrained myself 😉

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Hello- I was planning for today to be the day I read and post, but instead I had a migraine until 1 p.m. with vomiting. Yuck.

But wanted to say hello anyway as I know it’s been a while. Now I must clean up the house – boy what mess two boys can make when you’re sick on the couch.

But I hadn’t had a migraine since January, so that’s progress. I have been doing the exercises my chiropractor gave me and I think that was the difference. But now I may get them more because of spring allergies – yuck. But I’ll still do my exercises.

If I don’t work tomorrow maybe I can take 1 hour to read and post – that sounds heavenly!

I’ve done some reorganizing and planning some painting projects. I’ll post before and afters.

love, dori

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Can I have the award of having accomplished the most in 24 hours 😉


got everything ready for kids to go back to school
got all my dishes washed
cleaned Ryan’s room
did a lot of laundry
studied how to do my first file for the transcription company TTC this morning.
Stayed up until 1 a.m. doing necessary reading and emails
got up at 6
got kids to school, but then took a half hour nap
did my file, my first file, took twice as long as they wanted but was still told I did a good job
did more dishes, started dinner
was offered another file, but turned it down.

I’m tired! The rest of the house is still trashed. I think I’m in bed at 9:30 tonight if possible!

Things are steady, we’re working hard, and I’m glad things are back to normal a bit…

blessings, dori