I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. Ps. 37:25

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Music appreciation   2 comments

Me in choir in 9th grade in high school.  My love of music started way before that, though, when I learned the fundamentals of music from my Uncle Don when he taught me the accordion at Age 7   I picked up the guitar at 10 and never looked back.  I couldn’t wait to get […]

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The Fun List   Leave a comment

I spend so much time making to-do lists and doing budgets and work checklists and homework checklists I need a break from that!!  So here’s a new kind of list I thought would be refreshing to make! Play lots of Wii with RJ and Chris too – and if Colleen will agree to play she […]

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I miss this song—   Leave a comment

we used to play at our church we went to in 99-02, and Rog played the mandolin in the band.[ad#Google Adsense]

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Your Grace is Enough   1 comment

For some reason, this is just the song of the moment for me. I love the sound, the words, and the prayer of it. And with all the chaos now, I need it. Update soon — nothing really new, just BUSY. acoustic: [ad#Google Adsense]

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Third Day —   Leave a comment

http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080531/music_nm/thirdday_dc;_ylt=AjnRLag0j9_6tucSYa7i96mVEhkF Christian rock band Third Day keeps the faith By Deborah Evans Price 2 hours, 2 minutes ago NASHVILLE (Billboard) – It’s a breezy Tennessee afternoon. Third Day’s Mac Powell, David Carr, Tai Anderson and Mark Lee are enjoying a tasty Southern lunch at Stoveworks in the Factory, a historic Franklin, Tennessee, complex that was […]

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Yes —   Leave a comment


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Alpha and Omega   Leave a comment

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MISSED the Next Great American Band this week—   Leave a comment

http://nextgreatband.msn.com/ I’m bummed. But I will find it online I’m sure. Just couldn’t find it yet tonight. DVR was supposed to tape it, but it messed up. Anyway – the Clark Brothers and Light of Doom are my favorites, but Tres Bien is awesome too! I finally watched last week’s episode tonight and I thought […]

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I made a music video!   Leave a comment

Posted 11/20/07 when this site was down. Just playing around (and of course really didn’t have time) but did it anyway with our new video camera. Enjoy 🙂 http://s22.photobucket.com/albums/b326/criscollrj/?action=view&current=mary_000 [ad#Google Adsense]

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Always time for a teen musical—   Leave a comment

High School Musical 2 Ahh, I’m so tired. I really need to update soon. 8 DAYS until school starts!

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Posted August 20, 2007 by criscollrj in life, music

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