I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. Ps. 37:25

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24 years ago part 2   Leave a comment

more on Chris’s birth —   So then we knew we were staying.  Roger sacked out on the pull-out couch and napped for the earlier part of my labor, during which I was able to sit in the rocker for a while, recording some things in my baby book, and walk to the nursery and […]

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24 years ago—   Leave a comment

A portion of my diary from 11-29-90 —   9 days ago our son Christopher Owen was born. He weighed 7 lbs. 7 ozs. and is 20 1/2 inches long. He now weighs 7 lbs. 15 ozs. as of his 11/27 check-up. He’s beautiful! Last Monday, my due date, I woke at 9:00 a.m. to […]

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Tomorrow you were due —   Leave a comment

19 years ago. I can’t believe how long ago it was!  I quit working around May 19 to prepare for your arrival. Colleen was our second child and we did not find out if we were finding a boy or girl – we didn’t find out with Chris, either.  (We did, with Ryan, for some […]

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18 years ago —   Leave a comment

With Colleen’s birthday coming up on Tuesday I felt like posting some publishable parts of my old diary, from 5-12-94. Hard to believe it’s been 18 years. Work told me I’m definitely getting my three-week vacation pay, three-week sick leave, and they want me to do tapes at home. I also may be able to […]

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birthdays with business as usual.   Leave a comment

16th birthday party is all done and in the books.  I think Colleen and her friends had a good time.  I worked on and off the whole time, and we had a busy weekend with also taking Chris to the park with Ryan and Rog too.  Rog is feeling a lot better.  I actually still […]

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It’s almost your birthday!   Leave a comment

chrisyawn Originally uploaded by criscollrj. 18 years ago this morning I was wondering if I was in labor! I’ll be back to post your birth story 🙂 [ad#Google Adsense]

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A very strange birthday —   1 comment

Still fighting continuously sick kids. Here’s yesterday, and a schedule of my madness….(from my transcription board) This was my day yesterday — (below) Today I’m just going to try and catch up a little, do some dishes and laundry and pick up, and do a schedule so I can get all my work done (I’ll […]

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How Strange! And Chris’ birthday   Leave a comment

Posted 11-19 on NaBloPoMo (this site was down) I usually post in my blog first and then copy the link here, but for some reason the blog is down. After all day not being able to access my FTP to load a pic in there – I am suspicious that something is going on with […]

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Colleen’s 13th birthday party   Leave a comment

Cool cake – Brad made the Japanese lettering Originally uploaded by criscollrj. I feel remiss that I didn’t take more pictures! I did take a lot of video! By next year our video camera should be digital (we’re saving for one!) so by then that shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway – we had a very […]

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Birthday week   Leave a comment

Sleeping Originally uploaded by criscollrj. Ryan had such a busy week he slept behind me last night in the chair while I was typing =) He had his birthday last Thursday (and it was mine too!) and then was just busy playing all weekend. He fell asleep today again for 4 hours – and guess […]

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