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3 with autism diagnosis —   3 comments

Ryan was diagnosed today with ADHD and also suspected PDD (pervasive developmental disorder, the umbrella term of autism that is most mild). He went ahead and gave the PDD diagnosis [which he suspected but didn’t know how much of the behaviors could be from his hearing loss] to enable him to have the most schooling […]

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Welcome back to morning naps   Leave a comment

Chris HAS been sleeping well at night for months, but was having more assertive (to put it mildly!) behavior during the day.  After struggling for several weeks (months?) with his having trouble obeying limits and NOT pulling on our arms where he wants us to go, pulling us along the road, hallways, kitchen, wherever something […]

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STRATTERA   Leave a comment

Has anyone here taken Strattera? After reading about it on the net I’m a little NERVOUS. But I’ll still try it. Hey if I can give Chris geodon and Colleen concerta, then I may as well be a guinea pig too— just kidding, kinda. Seems one loves it, or hates it. I hope I do […]

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stable here —   Leave a comment

and I’m hopelessly behind as usual! I’ve replaced with working with cleaning my house with a vengeance. Boy did it need it and still does! I go this Thursday to the psych. to see if I need to some ADD meds. I still have trouble with losing things. I really have the house in pretty […]

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interests survey   Leave a comment

LJ Interests meme results attention deficit:I believe my whole family suffers from this. Apparently I have it, but it didn’t affect my school work – I was kind of a brain ha ha! But my housework abilities suffer. back to school:I still want to go back to college, but this, again, is on hold. I […]

aggravated!   Leave a comment

If anyone can see why I suddenly can’t post pics, let me know??? I’m trying again here…. Ryan on the bus! I copied this from successful picture posting from the past…. If this doesn’t work you may hear me screaming, and as my kids are running wild and loose (and healthier now, so more able […]

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Cutting down on computer time.   4 comments

just posted this in my other group — thought I’d update here too. Time: Sunday, 2/13/2005 10:34:34 AM (#65523) User: dori Comments: Hi – had to make a tough decision about 5 weeks ago and cut out just about all my computer time. Quick update – Since Ryan quit napping right after Christmas, I made […]

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Exhausted   2 comments

I just wish I had time to write out all the things that go through my head.  I just go and go and really never have a down time.  If I do take a down time, something else suffers, like my sleep time, or my pile of dishes, or my daughter’s homework. I’m not depressed, […]

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posts from my moms group….   Leave a comment

KIM, thanks for your comments – you got me thinking about school again and about a conversation Rog and I had a few days before. I am not DEF. going to school in the fall. I’d LIKE to but things would have to be a lot different in a short time. Chris needs LOTS of […]

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Finally a chance to breathe   Leave a comment

Chris had to have surgery on his ear on Wednesday because he hit it so hard he got cauliflower ear. We have been watching over him at home – he seems better today so he’s relaxing a bit in the shower and I thought I’d take a minute here. Those of you who are inclined, […]

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