Starting Weighdown again.

I haven’t really focused on my food plan much at all this year. I may have stayed on Food Mover for once or twice for a week and lost 2 pounds or so. Luckily with all my activity and the steep stairs here I’m not in big trouble, but I am ready to take off some weight again. I’ve gained about 11 pounds back altogether since Christmas.

I felt led to try a Weigh Down/eat when hungry approach. I also watched Tyra Banks’ show on her “Tyra’s Tidbits” and felt inspired by that how she lost 10 pounds eating whatever she wanted but in tiny portions.

So I’ve started today – waited for hunger, then ate eggs with vegetables and orange juice. Took my Strattera (day 4, no shakes!) and brushed my teeth. Now off for a walk.

dori, 177.5/177.5/125.

(last year I was up to 184, year before 187, so I did good only gaining 11 pounds this time! But I was 166 at Christmas — sigh)[ad#Google Adsense]

Deal that Meal….


Comments: Hi – hope to post soon – we’re fine. Busy as always! Survived working all weekend last weekend transcribing. Getting my hearing aide eval next week.

Hope to read and post SUNDAY. Tried to post in the diet board but it wouldn’t let me ;P so —- I’ve been been on board since MONDAY. 5 days now. I’ve lost 1 1/2 pounds. It’s been about 7 months since I’d seriously watched and I’d gained 10 pounds back + 4 inches. So my goal is to lose that 10 pounds by the end of June. I’m doing Deal A Meal/Food Mover (when I find it 😉 to count portions. Still allowing myself some dessert in extreme moderation.


Time: Friday, 5/19/2006 6:44:02 PM (#81200)
User: DORI

Comments: I meant, I’m doing my Deal a Meal NOW, (just an older version of the Food Mover, with cards that you move instead of windows you close), until I find the Food Mover, which I find easier to deal with, but it is lost from the move 😉


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Surprisingly doing okay weight-wise!

We moved 5 weeks ago, and I misplaced my scale! I hadn’t been paying much attention to my diet, but still wasn’t drinking a lot of sugared pop. I was however eating some cake and cookies!

We have STEEP steps at our house and use them ALL the time (our family room is downstairs as well as the spare fridge and extra pantry area for cooking)! I have been very busy with settling up the house, too, and doing lots of laundry.

Therefore, I guess all my exercise has canceled out the goodie calories (ha hee!) because my stats are:

I’ve lost about 5 pounds!

My measurements are the same.

New goals – not to gain over the holidays, and to drink enough water and eat enough veggies and fruits. I also want to begin doing my yoga tape 3x a week.


If I was 165 by new year’s I’d be very ecstatic!

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slipping a little

I can’t remember when I posted last, but I’m not doing terrible. I have slipped a bit, though. I was ecstatic (sp?) to have lost 17 pounds by August, going from 185 to 168. I have been maintaining between 168 and 169 ever since but then this week was 170. I had been eating more M&M’s lately. It just seems like fall brings thoughts of candy and casseroles and comfort foods — NOT good for the diet!! Ha! So I need to add more water (did drink a bunch today!) and eat less fat (the taco bell today wasn’t great.) And we made a cake yesterday – we’re moving and I was kinda celebrating and figured we’d use the cake mix – it was from July from Colleen’s birthday party and didn’t want to just throw it out as it was still good. Will have to give the rest of the cake to thin people….Maybe my mom?

But, NO halloween candy for me – and I’m NOT BLOWING IT LIKE I DID LAST YEAR!


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interests survey

LJ Interests meme results

  1. attention deficit:
    I believe my whole family suffers from this. Apparently I have it, but it didn’t affect my school work – I was kind of a brain ha ha! But my housework abilities suffer.
  2. back to school:
    I still want to go back to college, but this, again, is on hold. I really want to get either a music therapy degree or an occupational therapy degree.
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Wow, I was kind of surprised this week! Had a bad week, didn’t focus too much on eating except for making sure I still abstained pretty much from sugar. I lost 1 1/2 pounds and another 3/4 inch! Down 11 1/2 pounds and 2 1/2 inches altogether.

dori 184.5/173/125

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Behind as usual!

Got to have a horrible case of swimmer’s ear for Colleen. She was supposed to have her party (friends’ birthday party, which we try and have in the summer as her birthday is end of May) this Saturday but it’s postponed until next Saturday. I keep telling her, cheer up, she’s having the bad luck all at once and hopefully the rest of the summer will be fantastic!

The rest of us are healthy. Thank goodness. Chris is enjoying his summer camp and swims there and at home. (We got a 2 1/2 feet pool from a friend, with a pump, that is so cool!) He doesn’t put his head in so I doubt he’ll get swimmer’s ear. Ryan goes in too but runs in and out. Ryan got his hearing aides and hates to wear them so we’re just putting them in about 10 minutes a day right now. We have to hold his hands so he doesn’t rip them out!

I am just busy doing all this and my house looks like I never do a thing. It’s disturbing, but I know it’s temporary. I get a little sad about not going to school in the fall now but know it’s for the best. I am enjoying the summer but at the same time am a bit eager for a break come September when I’ll have 3 hours a day with no kids….. ahh.

But we’re treasuring the summer.


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short update

things are fine – BUSY!

We went to Port Clinton on vacation last weekend and it was GREAT! Busy though – 3 kids, 2 with kinda special needs, tends to keep one running on vacation! Soon I’ll post a few pictures.

I decided NOT to go to school at this time. It was a very hard decision. However, we are talking MORE and M O R E about moving, and that overwhelms me anyway (12 years in this same house and our possessions increasing during that time from those of 3 people (one a 2 year old) to those of 5 people (14 year old, 11 year old, and 3 year old children), and that makes a big difference when moving!! So we’ve been seeing houses and planning when and if and where to move, so school on the top of that just seemed too much. So once again it’s on the back burner.

More of an update soon — the summer is flying by!

I have lost 7 1/2 pounds now.

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I’ve really cut back on my computer time —

and it shows! My house is much cleaner and I think I’ve really caught up a lot on paperwork. I probably won’t be here that much now as it’s summer break and my kids will be home all the time — except for brief periods in the morning while one or the other will have preschool/special needs camp/bible school, etc. I haven’t really been reading as much either – but will come back when I have time.

Pray this summer goes well for us – it can be a challenging time as Chris is so used to going to school and doesn’t understand why he’s not going now!! And here I was all set up to blow up the little wading pools and my stupid air pump is GONE – I can’t find it. It’s too hot to walk to the playground. So he’s in the shower AGAIN.

But, all in all, things are much better than LAST summer…

I LOST 5 POUNDS!!! so far…. 50 more to go!

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