the keyboard calls again —

and once again I’m getting addicted to transcription!

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Comments: copied update with some additions at the bottom as I’ve been too busy to post anywhere – hope everyone is well – I’m TIRED! but happy, mostly ;}

Hello! been working on all sorts of things, Trying to send from gmail again – we’ll see if it works. I reconfigured it. I found out today I wasn’t getting mail from a manager out at Rapid Text as well – I emailed them about it (I read about the emails on my board) and never heard back, so just called them and she found my emails in her spam folder! So I’m definitely hoping this gmail works as something seems goofy with sbcglobal!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2006 Christmas letter & picture

This is cut and pasted from our actual letter. Hope you all had a good holiday – I didn’t have time to do an actual web site this year, but wanted to send you this letter, in my new journal (posts from 2003-2006 are added from a former journal). Happy New Year 2007! Only change in letter is that I’m now working at home again, just a little. And we got a new hamster! Pictures are on the right at Flickr, taken by us, Brad & John.


HOUSEHOLD In case anyone missed our news, we moved last fall! Our moving story is here files/movingday.html and last year’s Christmas newsletter, which never made it to print, is here files/Christmas05letter.html. Every day we thank God for this lovely house we have been given. It truly is a gift. One of our biggest goals of 2006 was getting a fence for our yard. It was a long wait (end of October until approximately June 24), but with lots of help from family and friends we are the proud owners of this fence.

We also obtained a safety lock for our front door, and sleep easier at night knowing the boys cannot as easily escape the house. We had some close calls early in the year with adventurous boys being beckoned by the lovely schoolyard across the street!

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Chestnut, the Christmas Hamster


Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

We are introducing Chestnut, who joined our family 12-26-06. He looks like Spice in a way, yet different. This was Spice who passed away in February. Chestnut has more white on him. Right now we’re just trying to distract Ryan from the cage….

More Christmas posting soon – have to clean up right now! Look at Flickr pics though – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Dinner at Gayle & Chuck’s (including pics by John and Brad), and the fuzzy ones are from my cell phone…..

Happy Christmas Week!


First big snow – 8″ over two days!

SNOW DAY! Kids had a lot of fun outside. I actually wrapped gifts for almost an hour this morning before anyone got up. Then I washed dishes, then went outside with them. Now I need to cook lunch and clean office.

Less than two weeks of school left before break…

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The holiday season!

christmas 06 002

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

We put up our tree Thanksgiving morning – we love this tree – a 9′ prelit we bought when we had our last Christmas in our old house in 2004. We had such a small house that after I bought it (half off, after Christmas) I was having a panic attack over where I’d put it (there would have honestly been NO ROOM in that house!) that it was a joy to put it in our living room in our new house last year. Our house was so much more bare last year as we’d just moved in!! Now I have a lot of decluttering to do to display our Christmas ornaments!

We’re still waiting to decorate it and unpack the rest of our Christmas boxes. The boxes are jokingly in another picture I took on my flickr picture list on the right of the blog. at least 20 boxes! They are still sitting there. I need to start unpacking them tonight since Ryan fell asleep easily at 9 and Chris is very calm!! Then I can take the boxes back up in the attic.

I love Christmas. It just comes so fast. I can’t believe it’s only a month away. I need to finish my Christmas web greeting site and start my Christmas cards also. I feel behind!

Happy season’s beginning to all!!!

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The list

  • 3 snows in 2 weeks – beautiful but cold!
  • Sent out Christmas postcards and emails – felt funny not doing regular cards, newsletters and pix but needed break!
  • Bought about half of Christmas presents?
  • Sold our old house – inlaws bought from us to sell after repairing – I hope they make good money on it!
  • Got ourselves a Christmas present/settlement check receipt celebration – 32″ flat screen (NOT HD or whatever) $500 TV with also a stereo system and beautiful cabinet and CD players yesterday! Have NEVER done that in almost 19 years of marriage!
  • Ate at a lovely delicious Chinese buffet yesterday too
  • Keeping up with dishes
  • Have unpacked all boxes in house about 3 times but then lugged more in from old house and in-laws and have to do it all again 😉
  • Haven’t seen hide or hair of our mouse (mice?) and no sign of them. 4 traps set
  • Our lovely Spice escaped last week and went downstairs and was only inches from the mousetrap. Found her when up early! She doesn’t seem very well now and we hope she’s okay 🙁

More soon, that’s the biggies.

Look for me to comment in a few weeks I HOPE! I love your comments and always read them. So I hope you have time to comment this time!

Blessed season to you all!