picture testing–

Couldn’t get an actual entry to post from flickr, just the test thingy— hmmm.

Well, here’s the post:

I made a flickr page for this blog. It’s at http://www.flickr.com/photos/78584348@N00/ Just thought you guys would like some recent pictures to look at. There’s also oodles at https://criscollrj.com/Blog under that flickr site.

I hope everyone is well – I’ve gotten extremely behind as I do every summer. We are preparing to send Colleen to camp tomorrow and she’s also finishing a boat camp she’s been attending in the evenings a few days a week.

But a beautiful summer day here and we’re enjoying it actually IN the house, not outside. Chris doesn’t seem interested in staying the pool.

Well, I’ll catch up more soon — dori

One thought on “picture testing–

  1. It’s good to see all the updates from you! I keep meaning to check out your other blog, but I’m always so swamped with homework and whatnot, I barely have time to write in my own! Anyway, I loved all the pics and I must tell you that I LOLed sooo hard at Ryan’s bathroom wall decorations, haha. Just like a boy to think of them as really fancy stickers!

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